iLost wins The Next Women Grand Finale

Hanneke Stegweg, CEO of lost-and-found startup iLost, is the main winner of the grand finale of the The Next Women Startup award. She convinced both the professional jury and the audience in the final pitch event in the ABN AMRO dialogue house.

The Next Women is an initiative led by Simone Brummelhuis to encourage women entrepreneurs. During 2012, several pitch events were held at different locations in The Netherlands (at startupjuncture we covered the Eindhoven event). “Alle women entrepreneurs can pitch at these events at a first-come-first-serve basis” She explained “That way we give all women entepreneurs a chance to practice their pitch and improve their chances of success”. The best entrepreneurs from each event were given the opportunity to pitch again before the jury and a bigger crowd at the grand finale on February 6th.

iLost was both a jury winner and audience winner. The iLost concept of helping people find back lost objects, and more importantly takes over the handling of found objects from large organisations clearly impressed everyone.

Keynote Hanneke Stegweg:
“Most people have experienced the hassle of losing a personal belonging like keys, a phone or camera.  When I lost my camera one day I started to realize this was not only an administrative hassle for me being the owner, but also for organizations finding items of their customers, like hotels, transport companies or event organizations.  With a background in logistics, I started the first company offering lost&found outsource services.  For organizations lost&found is never a core-business, but can have a major impact on the customer experience. We offer online matching, storage and delivery services.  Connecting to the iLost platform increases the chance to find back an item by 5 times and it saves time consuming inquiry calls for both customer and organization.  A new solution for an ever existing problem.”

Jury members: Ad Scheepbouwer, Mark Voermans, Harry Helwegen, Cilian Jansen Verplancke, Margaret McGovern, Marnix Borghouts, Robert Verwaaijen, Sascha Engels, Herman Kienhuis, Arthur van de Graaf, Sheila Struyck



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